Friday, June 28, 2019

Busola Dakolo’s story doesn’t add up! Reno Omokri defends Biodun Fatoyibo

Reno Omokri has said Busola Dakolo’s allegation against COZA pastor cannot stand in a court of law and it doesn’t add up.

Busola had accused the clergyman of raping her at the age of 17 shortly after she left secondary school and had told her, you should be happy a pastor did this to you.

Reno says Nigerians are easily manipulated and even though he doesn’t like Fatoyinbo, it won’t be on this. His post...

For The Body of Christ, Not For Pastor Fatoyinbo

I have NEVER liked Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA for reasons that I will not say publicly. However, I am mature enough to divorce my emotions and be led by logic. And I counsel those now condemning him to do the same.

The average Black African is easily moved to hysteria by excitable emotions. This is why it is RIDICULOUSLY easy to manipulate Africans with the media Satan does his best work with such people, who can’t suppress emotion in preference to logic.

Think. Dont emote. A pastor comes to your house early in the morning. He does not know who will open when he knocks, or who is at home. He knocks and immediately you open he pushed you to a chair and raped you in your pyjamas.

Do people think?

Even the most USELESS movie director wont accept such a plot in a B rated Hollywood/Nollywood/Bollywood movie. A movie has to have PLAUSIBILITY. I dont like pastor Fatoyinbo, but I won’t suspend my intellect because of my dislike of the fellow.

After he allegedly raped her, she kept quiet for enough time for him to go to his car and get a soda drink for her? It does not ADD UP. My dislike for Biofun Fatoyinbo won’t make me become a SLANDERER by default. This story rings very FALSE.

I am an advocate of morality. For years, I publicly preach against premarital and extramarital sex. I pastored a congregation in Abuja for years. I will NEVER, EVER, support RAPE. But satan is going about like a roaring lion seeking whom to consume!

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is SLEEK. Too sleek for my liking. What type of sleek man will rape an underaged girl in HER PARENTS HOUSE. While HER SIBLINGS are AT HOME. And then leave her to go get a drink from his car. Is this mass HYPNOSIS.

Do we Black African of the Nigerian variety think at all? Do we only exist in the soulish realm? I have a Masters in Law from England. The story CANNOT stand up in court. The story CANNOT stand up in the light of cross examination.

I give you my word that if you gave satan 10 minutes to manipulate the minds of Nigerians, he will get a sizeable number of Nigerians to believe that Jesus is evil and he satan is good. We are too gullible, excitable


  1. I have always seen you a someone not relevant

  2. I totally agree with you for once Reno on this. And one of the main reasons bn that for something she claims happened several years ago after secondary school, y bring it up now? What is the motive- to bring down a man of God? What step was taken after the issue? Was any formal report made? What role did her parents play after the issue? Sincerely speaking the whole rape theory smarks of a big conspiracy. Shikena.

  3. If you never liked him, that does not mean they should accused him wrongly and you support

  4. Smile, the movie will go viral

  5. Anonymous 22:48, listen and listen good.
    That the rape happened 1 million years ago does not make it right! That no action was taken then, still doesn’t make it right! That she just found her voice to say it now does not mean the dent or the pain of the trauma is unreal!
    What I need you to picture is this: Biodun Fatoyibo is not the only pastor of figure in Nigeria, there had been more that 3 allegations against him that he never refuted. If he says he’s innocent, let him go to court-to your amazement, you will see all the people he had done this to coming out with evidences that will sink him.
    Let him just step down jeje, let the church do their due diligence and let it be clear that he’s actually innocent!

  6. What did he gain then, see what the outcome is bringing back to him

  7. "Let him just step down jeje" Is that all you want to achieve? Use your brain Mr Anonymous.If someone claims that your mother slept with one bastard , got pregnant and hanged it on your dad. Will you disown your mum or investigate the allegation logically. Have a DNA test etc. Now you want Pastor Biodum to step down and agree to that claim.

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