Friday, June 14, 2019

Chelsea legend fears it's too soon for Frank Lampard to become their new manager

John Hollins understands Chelsea’s law of gravity which makes the manager’s job irresistible to long servants with 600 games on the clock as a player.

And as the Blues prepare to anoint favourite son Frank Lampard , after waving Maurizio Sarri out of the Stamford Bridge fire escape without a carriage clock, Hollins accepts the next man to wear the crown will be decided by forces of nature.

Like others, he wonders if the golden ticket might have come Lampard’s way a tad early – and whether Chelsea’s transfer embargo will be a ruinous handicap for a novice. But Hollins, who was in charge at the Bridge from 1985-88, believes the biggest pull of all will be the chance for Lampard to consolidate his legend.

He said: “It’s going to be a great opportunity for a young man to go in and show the world what he can do.

“If he can manage like he played for Chelsea, it will be a brilliant decision all round – and more importantly, they will give him time.

“But as much as I loved Frank as a player, and much as I like him as a person, sometimes really fantastic players don’t make fantastic managers — Bobby Charlton and Bobby Moore won the World Cup, but management was less kind to them.

“Frank is still learning his trade and, to be honest, I do think it’s come early for him. I’m not saying he’s not capable of doing the job but as things stand Chelsea will be operating under a transfer embargo next season and it will be a very tough first year for him.

“It’s a massive responsibility, with expectations to match, when you have the spending power of Roman Abramovich at your disposal – but when you can’t bring in any new players, it’s even harder.

“To guard the crown jewels with one hand tied behind your back will be a great test, and now Eden Hazard has gone to Real Madrid. Chelsea will have £100million in the bank from his sale but the manager will not be able to invest it on new players straight away.