Friday, June 21, 2019

Evelyn Lozada might be joking about Rob Kardashian's 'sausage' but admits she can date him

Evelyn Lozada's flirty tweet to Rob Kardashian started as a joke, but now she's dead serious she'd go on a date with him.

Evelyn joined "The Breakfast Club" Thursday where she revealed the origin of the sexually explicit tweet that went down on Father's Day.

Evelyn had tweeted Rob "has a big sausage." His reply didn't leave much to the imagination. The tweets were later deleted.

But now, the "Basketball Wives" star admits to DJ Envy and Angela Yee she's NEVER seen Rob's package. Evelyn explains exactly how the tweet came about. Long story short ... Rob dared her to do it. She took the bait and here we are, lol.

That didn't stop Envy and Angela from asking her if she'd be down to get down with Rob.  Evelyn says if his mom can date younger why can't Rob date older? Evelyn's 43 and Rob's 32. Lust is in the air? lol