Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Florida woman bitten in the face while trying to kiss a Bullmastiff dog now needs a surgeon

A Florida woman was bitten in the face early Wednesday morning while trying to kiss a 200-pound Bullmastiff dog that had been rescued only a few days prior.

Justin Norman and Andrea Swartwood had just returned home from a local bar in Brooksville, Fla., when the dog became aggressive.

The dog had been rescued from Floral City “a week or so” before the incident by Tiffani and Taylor Evans, two other residents at the house. Taylor Evans told police the dog has never shown aggression before.

“For unknown reasons, Swartwood approached the dog and leaned down in an attempt to kiss the dog on the face,” the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office wrote. “This resulted in the dog biting Swartwood on the face, specifically on her left cheek and lip area.”

Norman stepped in to intervene and had his left hand bitten by the dog. They managed to corral the dog into a bedroom and called police.

Hernando County Fire Rescue responded and took Swartwood to a local hospital. She was later transferred to a trauma center for her injuries to be addressed by a plastic surgeon.

The dog was picked up by an animal enforcement officer with the sheriff’s office and dropped off with Hernando County Animal Services “as the residents were no longer able to care for it.”

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  1. Dogs are dogs, humans are humans. Keep your distance