Saturday, June 15, 2019

Why I shared my CS story online - Kunle Afod's wife

Desola, wife of popular Nollywood actor, Kunle Afod, recently revealed how she almost aborted her last son due to lack of funds for a cesarean section required to deliver the baby. The mother of four, who had all her children born by caesarean section, was criticised by some Internet users for revealing too much.

However, when Saturday Beats reached out to her, she noted that she decided to share the news on her page to educate and encourage women who had some misconceptions about caesarean section.

“Some women always share their touching stories with me about how they are scared about going under the knife to have their children due to the complications.

I wanted to address all of them at the same time; that was why I decided to address the issue on my page. After I shared my story, a lady even contacted me that my story inspired her to keep her baby instead of aborting it due to the fear of CS. I didn’t share my story to be pitied or to trend,” she said.

In the story she shared, Afod also talked about how the pricey hospital bills almost discouraged her from having the child. As the wife of a celebrity, some Internet users expressed their surprise that she could be disturbed about hospital bills. Afod, however, emphasised that the hospital bill when she had her fourth child was expensive because it was the fourth time she was going through the process.

“For an average Nigerian, the hospital bill cost us N450, 000 and this amount was actually expensive to us. We are not suffering, but that amount was exorbitant for us at the time. I thank God I didn’t have to abort the child, I am grateful for everything. I am already used to negative comments because my husband already taught me how to deal with criticisms and negativity. My advice to women who are scared of cesarean section is to always hand everything over to God. I know some women are shy about having their children by CS but there is nothing to be shy about,” she added.