Saturday, June 1, 2019

Instagram comedian Abidemi Nathaniel Loses Daughter

Instagram Yoruba comedian, Abidemi Hope Nathaniel is mourning the death of her daughter. Abidemi broke down in tears on IG saying it’s hard to lose a child and it’s been really tough for her to get over it. She says she lost her 3 months ago. Too too sad! May Almighty God heal her!

She wrote;

''You have never known any real pain until you have lost a baby..... The death of my baby is one pain that has refused to go away.
I have cried, I have mourned and I have tried to pull myself together.
I thought I was a strong woman, I thought I was strong enough to pray myself out of this pain & depression but it has really eaten me up.
Not even a loving & supportive husband, my beloved mother or my manager @tribemanglobal could help me get through this pain that is still coming back every time I see other female daughters run to their mother.
Dear Heavenly, I know you are up there in heaven praying for me. I just wish you could come back to me. Its been 3 months without you.
Oh God, please heal my wounds, I am too young to be this broken..... #Reverendsista #healing#''


  1. May strength find her

  2. You are supposed to blur out the face of the child. Sorry for your loss

    1. Blur? Is is that someone will see her and identify her in future? RIP again

  3. This is so so sad. No one ever prays for this. Lord please keep her

  4. An angel went back so quickly

  5. Touching. You will be fine

  6. The Lord will console you.
    Take heart

  7. This will not be our portion in Jesus name, we will not mourn over our fruits