Sunday, June 23, 2019

Instagram fabric seller cries out as younger sister (not up to 10) is r*ped in Abia State

An instagram fabric seller, John Prince Osita has cried out for help on social media saying his younger sister, who is not up to 10 years old has just been defiled. He says, he won’t let this slide and begged Nigerians to point out lawyers who deal with cases like this, saying he is ready to pay the any amount. Too sad!

''Whatever it will cost or take to get a good lawyer in aba Abia state Pls someone should help me out... I was told that there are specific lawyers for this kind of problem... I am not letting go this one's must go to jail... My heart is bleeding broken to pieces..'', he wrote while sharing the first photo.


  1. But what is all this rubbish with men rapping underage girls

    1. Like seriously, its really getting out of hand

  2. Too many paedophiles on the loose these days

  3. Is it really a crime to be a woman in this part of the world? Young girls are no longer safe in this country