Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Kim threatens to cancel family Christmas Eve party

Between herself and her husband Kanye West, they have a combined net worth of $600 million.

But even Kim Kardashian has a budget and knows when things are getting a little out of hand financially.

Sunday night's episode saw the 38-year-old threaten her husband to cancel the annual family Christmas Eve Party after she learnt he had gone well over their budget.

'The Christmas Eve party, I mentioned it to Kanye so of course he came up with these wild ideas,' she said of the party which reportedly set them back $1.3 million in the end.

'It's definitely over the top.' However, 'over the top' became too much for the KKW Beauty entrepreneur, when she learn her husband had gone 'over the budget'.

'I really need you to not be upset, but this is so inappropriate that it's so much money for a party for one night,' she told him over the phone.

'Finances stress me out more than anything in life, so just know that. The Christmas party is going to change. For one night, for a few hours, and I want to kick everyone out? We can't do this. We have to cut so much of that.'

Kim continued to break down the key points of Kanye's 'inappropriate' party planning.

'First of all, we can't put snow in the street … and we do not need an ice skating rink, she said.

'I don't want to ruin our whole landscaping. I literally will cancel the whole party.'

Kim's party stress came after she took over the event from her mother who had hosted it annually for 40 years, ever since she was 22-years-old.