Saturday, June 15, 2019

Lady explains how she almost got bullied by her former boss for dumping law to open a bar

A twitter user has explained how she almost got bullied by her former boss, because she dumped law to run a bar. In a nutshell, she explained it's all about the benjamins. Her story...

''Stopped by my old office. Boss expressed his displeasure about my leaving legal practice. Tried to shame in front of juniors by asking me to move a motion. Smh. Told him, i’ve got 16staff on my payroll, I run the company & besides there are not enough seats in court.

''Saw car keys in my hand and said I’m a big girl now. Asked for the car, told him I parked down the street… On my way driving out, I saw him & the juniors clustered at the window peeping, gave them a wave of hand and sped off. πŸ˜’

 ''Law school churns out thousands of lawyers every year. We all can’t be in litigation πŸ™„. Telling me “you shouldn’t have studied law if you’ll end up running a bar”, told him that “this is the main call to the bar”🍺🍺

 ''Told my old colleague that law is part of who I am, my application might get rusty but basics remain. That as a business manager, i rarely flex legal muscle, something’s are settled over free beer & pepper soup. He shook me & told me how proud he was. πŸ˜„

 ''Very few lawyers break even, especially in this Port Harcourt where they still do conventional practice. Only a few diversify & specialize. One lawyer will appear in divorce proceedings, have files for armed robbery charges & show cause in garnishee proceedings.

 ''You can’t make good money from only practice stuck as a junior in a one man firm. Lol. When will you even buy a new bag to house your files? How much more a reasonable carπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
''Talmbout it’s not about money.
 Enjoy your ride to SANship.
 I’m out✌

 ''Nobody tells you how stressful it can be having your name in the office cause list back to back. πŸ˜’