Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Lady Gaga's ex, Christian Carino likes Irina Shayk's sexy picture

The exes of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are interacting on social media following the breakdown of their respective relationships.

In the most recent snap to be posted to 33-year-old supermodel Shayk's Instagram account sees her posing in a sexy swimsuit.

Among those that have 'liked' the pic was Christian Carino, the 50-year-old who saw his engagement to Gaga come to an end just days before Cooper and Shayk brought their relationship to a close.

There have been a number of denials, especially from Gaga, that the timing of the two couples splitting up was purely coincidental and there was no romance between her and A Star Is Born co-star Cooper.

There have been rumours abound about the 'closeness' of the relationship between Cooper and Gaga, with Shayk claiming that her fiancé was 'emotionally detached' from her while he spent a year filming with Gaga.

They played lovers in the movie and their musical performances during awards season, most notably a very intimate affair at the Oscars, all helped to fan the flames of them being more than 'just good friends'.