Monday, June 17, 2019

Leaked instagram DM of Ubi Franklin allegedly begging lady for s3x hits the net

A leaked Instagram DM believed to be that of Music executive, Ubi Franklin begging a lady he once hooked up with for s3x has found it's way to the internet. In the chat, he tells her about meeting up again, but the lady said she was celibate now and he replied saying, it;s better as that clean and fresh for him.


  1. Am glad Lilian left this idiot

  2. Ubi's SHIT is still hit ting the fan. Are we going to see the end of this karma? Or someone is just creating text massages, what's app accounts, creates conversat ions between 2 phones and spill on the net for the gullible to take and run with it.
    Hmmm Franklin Ofem, your shit don hit fan?

  3. Oh my gosh! This guy no dey tire
    beware of short guys