Friday, June 7, 2019

Lesbians! Ryanair stewardess and girlfriend 'beaten on bus by thugs' because they are a couple

This horrifying picture shows a Ryanair flight attendant and her girlfriend covered in blood after they were allegedly assaulted by a gang of men in a homophobic attack.

Melania Geymonat, 28, from Uruguay, was riding the bus with her American girlfriend Chris after an evening out in West Hampstead, London, in the early hours of May 30.

Melania, who lives in Bishop's Stortford in Essex, says the pair decided to sit at the front on the top deck because they both enjoy the novelty of a double decker bus.

Then a gang of young men behind them saw they were a couple, began to throw coins and started to demand they kiss while making crude sexual gestures, it is claimed.

As police look for suspects, Mayor Sadiq Khan has condemned the attack as "disgusting" and "misogynistic", adding: "Hate crimes against LGBT+ people will not be tolerated in London."

She said: “They wanted us to kiss so they could watch us.

"I tried to defuse the situation as I’m not a confrontational person, telling them to please leave us alone as Chris wasn’t feeling well.”

The men, who were in their 20s or 30s, allegedly began throwing things and the couple told them to stop.

“The next thing I remember was Chris in the middle of them and they were beating her,” Melania added.

“I didn’t think about it and went in. I was pulling her back and trying to defend her so they started beating me up.

“I don’t even know if I was knocked unconscious.

“I felt blood, I was bleeding all over my clothes and all over the floor.

“We went downstairs and the police were there.”

Melania, who has received hundreds of messages of support on Facebook, is waiting to find out if her nose was broken in the attack.

She said there were at least four of them and one spoke Spanish while the others had British accents.

The attackers also allegedly robbed the couple before fleeing the bus.

She told Uruguayan news site Montevideo Portal that it was the first time in her life that she had been the victim of such severe homophobic violence.

Melania moved to the UK in February and is on a year's sabbatical from her medical studies.