Saturday, June 22, 2019

Murdered girl, 15, sent chilling final text saying mum's lover was 'in her room'

A teenage girl sent her boyfriend a chilling final message reading 'he's in my room' moments before she was allegedly killed by her mother's lover.

Terrified Riley Crossman, 15, sent her last two text messages just 12 minutes apart after 11pm on May 7, and was reported missing the next day by mum Chantal Oakley.

Police found the 15-year-old's body on an embankment in Martinsburg, West Virginia, US, a week later but her body was decomposed so badly that it may take months to establish the cause of her death, according to WDTV .

Morgan County Prosecuting Attorney Dan James told 5 News that Riley sent the message to her boyfriend at 11.01pm saying 'Andy' was in her room.

Then, at 11.13pm, Riley texted her boyfriend again saying she was scared, he said.

Andy McCauley, 41, appeared in court facing murder charges in connection with the death of Riley on June 12.

According to West Virginia State police, she was last seen at her home in Berkeley Springs by her grandmother.

Mother Chantal told the police that she saw Riley's bedroom light on with the door closed and McCauley was downstairs asleep around 10.30pm.

She woke up the next morning and saw Riley's not in the room, and assumed she walked to school.

She told Dateline: "I was mad and scared because, at that point, no one had heard from her.

"Then I got the call from the school saying she had been marked absent.

"She would not run away. She loves us, she wouldn't want us to be upset."

McCauley was charged after cadaver dogs found traces of dead body odor and dry wall mud, which was also found on Riley's body, in the rear of his truck, it is reported.

Investigators have noticed multiple inconsistencies in McCauley's whereabouts around the time Riley disappeared.

They have yet to offer a possible motive for the crime but the case will head to a grand jury.


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