Saturday, June 15, 2019

My wife criticises me if I don’t play romantic roles well –Antar Laniyan

Nigerian actor, Antar Laniyan, in an exclusive interview with Saturday Beats has revealed the secret behind his youthful looks and agility. In the interview, the actor described not womanising as the secret behind his looks, adding that he was only interested in his wife.

Describing his wife as a blessing, Laniyan said, “There are so many things that I do not indulge myself in. For instance, I do not run after women. Even when the women run after me, I just smile and run away.

 One thing I want people to know is that you cannot do away with women. You admire them and they admire you as well but you do not have to take all of them to bed. A woman that is star struck can come to me, I would hug her, give her a peck (on the cheek) and let her feel welcome, but I do not have to take her to bed.”

Admitting that there are some diehard female fans that will go out of their way to get what they want, the actor noted that there are ways to avoid being their victim. Laniyan said, “If the woman is a diehard fan that wants to have her way with you, let her feel welcome. As long as you are in public, let her do what she wants to do. Hug or peck her (on the cheek); you are in the open and everyone is looking at you and the lady. She would not remove her skirt in the open because she is not mad. She is just star struck and that happens to everybody.

“People cried when they saw Michael Jackson sing. I have encountered so many diehard fans. There was an incident that even happened when my wife was in the car. The lady was on a BRT bus and she brought her head out of the window of the moving bus and blew me a kiss. My wife jokingly suggested in Yoruba that we should park the car so that the fan could come and meet me properly.”

While thanking God for the woman in his life, his wife, the actor stated that it amazes him how his wife is always unbothered when female fans come around him. He further revealed that his wife sometimes criticises him if he fails to act a romantic scene properly.

“I have never seen a woman like my wife because she would see me playing the role of a husband in a movie and if I do not touch the lady like a husband is supposed to, once my wife watches the film, she would criticise my acting and tell me that I did not hold and cuddle the woman like I was supposed to do. She would tell me that I did not act as a husband would behave and that my acting was not convincing to her. My wife would tell me that I should have kissed the lady,” he said.