Friday, June 7, 2019

Neymar arrives at police station in wheelchair to be questioned in connection with r*pe allegation

Neymar arrived at a police station on a wheelchair to be questioned in connection with an investigation into claims he raped a woman in a Paris hotel.

The Brazilian football star was escorted by three men as he hobbled into the building in Rio de Janeiro after cops launched a probe into claims by Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza, 26.

The Brazilian soccer confederation confirmed Neymar had received a summons to speak with cops over accusations he posted pictures and messages from his alleged victim on social media, without her permission.

Meanwhile, Mastercard said in a statement it was suspending its use of the 27-year-old Paris Saint Germain striker until the situation had been “cleared up”, according to the newspaper O Estado de S Paulo.

Neymar was left on crutches after crashing out of Brazil’s friendly with Qatar after rupturing ligaments around his right ankle.

Ms de Souza said she was r-ped after the footballer became aggressive when she demanded he used protection after flying from Brazil to Paris to meet him for s-x.

Ms Trindade said she was initially prepared for consensual s-x with the star but demanded protection alleging the footballer said no, became aggressive and r-ped her.

The Brazilian model waved her right to anonymity and appeared on Brazilian television to give her side of events as a video emerged appearing to show her fighting with the Paris Saint-German star.


  1. He should be punished if found guilty

  2. No chill. That is a sane country where things are working

  3. Women and trouble. You flew to sleep with him because he is a star and now you say all of these?

  4. Celebrity should always play safe, not easy though, but that is what it is. Ask Beckham