Monday, June 10, 2019

Neymar could be cleared of r-pe accusation within days as model accuser's lawyer threaten to withdraw

Neymar could be cleared of the rape accusation levied against him within days. His accuser Brazilian model Najila Trindade has been told by her lawyer that she faces seeing her case against the £200 million footballer collapse unless she provides more evidence.

She also faces losing the second lawyer to represent her after he said he could not carry on if his professional ‘trust’ in her was compromised.

Her attorney Danileo Garcia de Andrade said he still believed Ms Trindade had a case, but he would step aside if there was a lack of evidence.

He said he had given her a deadline to produce the video and photographs she claimed to have had which would help prove her allegations of r-pe against the Brazilian superstar who was bought for £200 million by Paris St Germain.

If the evidence was not forthcoming, he said, he would drop the case next week.

Ms Trindade, who says she was attacked by Neymar, 26, in a Paris hotel room last month, told police her tablet containing a seven-minute video, messages and photos she alleged incriminated the footballer, was stolen in a burglary at her apartment.

But police said they found no major signs of a break in and only Ms Trindade’s fingerprints and those of her maid and friends around the flat.

Mr de Andrade told Brazil’s UOL Esporte: ‘If the police investigation of the supposed break in where she lives shows there was no break-in, I am leaving the case.’

He added: ‘The attorney-client relationship is based always on trust. If there is no trust, then there is no reason to stay on’

Neymar has strongly denied the r-pe allegation and said he has been ‘set up,’

He is still set to be interviewed by police in Sao Paulo when he flies in from Rio de Janeiro early this week.