Sunday, June 23, 2019

Nigerian man is sentenced to 30 years imprisonment in Tanzania over drugs

Tanzania’s High Court for Economic Corruption and Organized Crime Division has sentenced Nigerian, Christian Ugbechi to 30 years imprisonment for trafficking in 56 pellets of Heroin Hydrochloride, narcotic drugs, weighing 947.57 grams.

Tanzania’s Daily News reported that Judge Sirilius Matupa imposed the sentence on Friday after convicting Ugbechi of the offence.

The judge said he was satisfied by the evidence produced by 11 prosecution witnesses, led by State Attorney Constantine Kakula.

Before Ugbechi was sentenced, the trial attorney requested the court to punish him severely considering the seriousness of the offence committed and that stiff sentence should deter others from committing similar crime.


  1. Shameful. See how he wasted his life sad

  2. They need to temper justice with mercy

  3. Serves him right