Thursday, June 27, 2019

Passenger picked up in Benin-Ore road by helicopter is a stroke victim

The passenger picked up by a helicopter in the middle of Benin-Ore road suffered a stroke, the helicopter company has told the BBC.

The helicopter operator says it is normal to respond to emergency calls.

News had went viral saying the helicopter was rescuing the girlfriend of a billionaire while others reported it picked up a VIP who was tired of traffic on the highway.

Femi Adeniji from Tropical Arctic Logistics Ltd told the BBC that he didn't understand why the video had caused such a fuss.

He said it was normal for their company to respond to emergency situations, as there is no such public emergency service available and they had done so six times in the last two months.

He said that there was no truth in the speculation that the helicopter was called by a billionaire who wanted to escape the huge traffic jam.

Instead he said that the man had been suffering from high blood pressure and his driver had panicked.

A doctor who was also stuck in the traffic was helping the man and the helicopter was called.