Monday, June 10, 2019

Residents are left homeless as 20 flats is destroyed by huge blaze in London

Firefighters battled a huge blaze at a block of flats in east London believed to have been built by a developer previously criticised over a lack of fire safety in some of their other structures.

Fifteen engines accompanied the firefighters that were called to the fire in the 'new build' De Pass Gardens, in Barking, where one-bedroom flats are on sale from £240,000.

A total of 20 flats were ravaged and another 10 were badly damaged by the heat and smoke the huge flames produced and families living there claimed that the fire alarm and sprinkler system weren't functioning for months.

The 'new build', according to people on the scene, is Samuel Garside House, a development by Bellway Homes who were found to have 'sold property with missing or incorrectly installed fire barriers,' according to a BBC Watchdog investigation.

The barriers are designed to inhibit the spread of fire but a case study in Canterbury, Kent found that these blockers were missing. In 2015, 45 homes on a street there were destroyed by a fire after someone dropped a cigarette and the resulting flames spread rapidly.

A spokesperson for Bellway Homes told BBC Watchdog Live at the time: 'Bellway takes our customer's safety extremely seriously and we will investigate and address any raised concerns immediately, where there is perceived to be an imminent danger to persons or property.'