Thursday, June 6, 2019

S-x Therapist Jaruma shares videos of her kneeling to serve her husband food

She shared the video on her business page saying that's how she serves her husband food in other to keep him. She also revealed, beauty does not keep a man and says respect couple with a sweet P does save a marriage.

She wrote;
''My name is Jaruma & I Respect & Honour My Husband 👑 I kneel to serve & feed him 👑
Beauty does not keep a Man / Relationship or Marriage only RESPECT & HONOR from both sides keeps a Marriage!
Ugly Face with SWEET PUSSY, UPGRADED PUSSY & JARUMATIZED PUSSY too can help ur relationship & marriage 😉 if u get divorced 3 times & u marry 3 different Men, MY HAND NO DE INSIDE O 🤑''


  1. Replies
    1. I think it is absolutely RUBBIsh! This is 2019, you guys keep encouraging these men-they are not gods. She is ugly sef! She is just trying to earn her Naira. Oshi!

  2. My man will say he has no money immediately I just do this ��������

  3. It worked for her deoesn't mean it work for another

  4. Hope the slaymamas will see this

  5. What rubbish is this one saying???