Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Shocking moment bullfighter suffers horrific leg injury as he is gored during performance in Madrid

This is the terrifying moment a Spanish bullfighter is gored by the rampaging animal during a performance in Madrid.

Roman Collado, from Valencia, was flung to the ground and speared by the 1,200lb bull at the San Isidro fair in the Spanish capital on Sunday.

A medical report showed that he had suffered a 12-inch wound to his thigh and damaged his muscles, veins and arteries.

However the fighter survived the attack and a tweet posted from his account said: 'Bullfighting is like that.'

Footage from the event showed the bull turning on Collado at the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, a bullring in Madrid.

According to Spanish newspaper El Pais the animal already had a sword lodged in its nose from the bullfight.

Collado and the bull were seen in a brief stand-off as the fighter, brandishing another sword, held up a red cape before the animal lunged at his legs.

The fighter was suspended almost upside down as the bull grabbed hold of him with its horns before he finally dropped to the ground.

Two other people immediately rushed to the scene, using their own red capes to lure the bull - named Santonero I - away from the stricken fighter.

Three men came to Collado's aid and carried the injured fighter away in front of shocked spectators.

According to his Twitter account, he has had two operations since the attack on Sunday.

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