Sunday, June 2, 2019

Some actresses fight others more beautiful than them – Funmi Awelewa

Pretty actress, Funmi Awelewa, believes physical attractiveness is one of the reasons actresses usually have ‘beef’ with one another. She told Sunday Scoop, “Many actresses envy the lives of others and if they can’t hide it anymore, they start having issues with the person. Physical attractiveness is one of the reasons some actresses ‘beef’ their colleagues, especially in social circles where appearance is highly valued. Some are scared of seeing others shine brighter than them. However, that is just my opinion.”

Lending her thoughts on her colleagues who lead fake lives on social media, Awelewa said, “I believe it’s a matter of choice. Some believe in the saying, ‘fake it till you make it’. Many people are struggling to appear awesome so as to be celebrated. They keep wanting more until they can’t get enough. Some actresses lead fake lives on social media because other people’s opinions matter to them more than theirs.

 As for me, I don’t have that awesome life everybody seems to be having on social media. Mine is a slow and steady game. I believe each day is a struggle to be a better version of myself. Don’t just exist and admire the lives of others while faking and messing up yours. If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.”