Monday, June 10, 2019

Spanish police find ton of cocaine hidden in fake rocks

Eleven people have been arrested for trying to introduce around a ton of cocaine into Spain, disguised as a shipment of rocks.

The criminals used a shipment of 188,000 kilos of stone, of which some was actually a rocky mixture with the drug disguised inside.

Despite online pleas to have prisoners do it, Policía Nacional officers had to smash up all of the stone to reveal the contraband.

Video shows the officers use massive hammers in a warehouse full of stone, eventually cracking the case.

Agents found 785 packages holding more than one kilogram of cocaine each.

Those arrested were part of an organisation composed of Colombian and Venezuelan citizens.

Spanish police said the group was 'dedicated to the introduction of important amounts of cocaine in our country and its subsequent distribution for the rest of Europe.'

Reacting to the Policía Nacional's video online, Rafael Garcia Blanco said: 'Bring some prisoners to chop stone.'

Gabi Landin agreed, he said: 'You have to use prisoners to do those jobs.'