Friday, June 7, 2019

Check out the number of people that woke up to queue for Kanye West's £180 new Yeezy Boost trainers

Across the UK shoe fans woke up early this morning and pitched up outside sportswear shops in the hope of bagging a pair of Adidas's Yeezy Boost 350 v2 --  Kanye West's newest trianers.

In Birmingham demand for the £180 trainers saw long lines of people building from midnight last night.

A bouncer was caught on video pushing a heaving mass of people away from a locked shop door, Birmingham Mail reported.

One 26-year-old worker who was on the way to work witnessed tempers boiling over.

"I was walking past Starbucks and there are massive queues," she said.

"A small fight started breaking out between five or so people but the police got in before it could get any bigger. There was one main policeman who broke them up and then a few other officers then stayed around to calm everything down.

"It was over pretty quick. Everyone was just watching. The queues are huge.”

There were also yells of "move back" after customers eager to get their hands on the shoes pushed against security guards drafted in to control the crush.

Shoppers clashed amid accusations of queue-jumping and police were nearby in case trouble unfolded.