Three secondary school students drown in Ibeno beach


Three secondary school students returning from a cross country exercise drowned in the Ibeno beach in Akwa Ibom State on Saturday.

The victims, two boys and one girl, were said to be from Upenekang community in Ibeno Local Government Area, were students of Ibeno Grammar School.

Task Force Chairman of the beach Mr Samuel Christopher, said: “The students that drowned were part of a team of students who went on road walk in the early hours of the morning.

While some of them went home, others went to the beach to swim because I saw them with flags.

“I suspect the victims entered the water hoping they were safe. Unfortunately, even when you know how to swim, the water is not safe, especially when you venture into the dangerous spots in the water.

“The high tide brought back the corpse of the girl about three hours later; while those of the two boys were returned on Sunday. The corpses have been buried by the water side by the families of the deceased according to tradition.”


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