Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Usher debuts huge new tattoo on the back of his head

It took a whopping three hours, but Usher officially has some brand new ink to display.

Over the weekend, the R&B star, 40, sat down with famed L.A. tattoo artist Dillon Forte to add another piece to his collection.

Posting the results on Instagram, Dillon revealed the iconic artist covered the back of his head and neck with geometric patterns.

In the photo of the finished product, Usher sat with his back to the camera, showing off an array of shapes and angles.

The pattern covered most of Usher's head, from right above his ears, all the way down to in between his shoulder blades on his back.

Triangles and star like formations all intersected and combined with a series of smaller circles within bigger ones at the top of it all.

Forte explained the art saying it was 'inspired by transformation.'