Friday, June 28, 2019

Wife who asked husband to do more house chores but got locked up for it, finds new lover (photos)

 A wife locked up for asking her husband to help around the house has bagged herself a toy boy lover.

Valerie Sanders, from Catterick, North Yorkshire, claims all she did was ask Michael, 58, to ditch some of his gym sessions, to vacuum and to clean the patio doors.

She ended up spending 17 hours in a cell facing charges of controlling behaviour after two police vans and four officers turned up at her house.

After "14 months of hell" in which she didn't know if she would end up in the dock, the trial was thrown out.

Following the traumatic experience the 58-year-old has ditched Michael and fallen for Tony Mableson, a cleaner, who at 33 is 25 years her junior.

Together the happy couple run a mobile cleaning company.

While loved up again, Valerie still took the time to slam her ex's gym habit, which she claimed got between them.

What started as a once or twice a week habit when he started work as a gym manager became an "obsession".

Michael would eat five or six meals a day and mush all his food up in a blender, spelling the end of romantic nights out for the couple.

Valerie told The Sun : "He started to do bodybuilding competitions. It wasn't attractive. It was like cuddling an ironing board."

She also claims Michael was signed up to an escort site called Gentlemen4Hire under the user name BigMikey1400.

Their relationship broke down when he started taking Viagra, causing him to snore at night.