Thursday, June 6, 2019

Woman who plans to share photos of her baby on Facebook when she delivers dies during childbirth

A pregnant woman who plans to post photos of her newborn on facebook when she delivers has died during child birth. Her friend has now posted the photos saying it’s been 8 days she left and hr newborn can now see.

The expectant mom had written; "Elizabeth! (Jesca)

''Don't delete those pictures , When I'm through with this pregnancy I'll post them on facebook, I am not there for now until I'm delivered of my baby."

Her friend’s new message; Elizabeth! ☎

''I just posted the pictures now you have given birth to your bouncing baby girl, the difference is that it's not you, but at least it's now on social media. It's over eight days now and your daughter can see clearly, she saw me this morning Elizabeth.''