Thursday, June 27, 2019

'World's hottest gran' outraged after Instagram takes down her saucy picture

A woman dubbed the 'world's hottest gran' blasted Instagram for banning her saucy pictures despite it not breaking any of the network's rules.

Gina Stewart, 48, made headlines worldwide last year when she showed her youthful physique and stunning appearance at the finals of Maxim's Finest Australia, where she out-performed women half her age.

One of her latest social media post showed the mother-of-four and grandmother-of-one completely n3ked with her long hair covering her breasts.

The photo was soon removed from Instagram after it reportedly "violated guidelines."

She then posted the same picture on Twitter and it appeared to be deemed okay as she complained:

"This photo was just deleted by Instagram for contravention of community guidelines.

"Just ridiculous. Reposted comments on Instagram."

Gina, from Queensland's Gold Coast, has now accused the company of ageism and claimed an equivalent image showing a younger woman would not have been removed.

She said: "This post met guidelines - I'm confused as to what the problem was with the photo.

"It's pretty tame in comparison with a lot of posts on Instagram these days - it compiled with Instagram's n3dity guidelines and showed nothing a swimsuit wasn't show.


  1. She need to cover up. Shameless peron

  2. She is really hot but it’s tasteful if she covers up