Saturday, June 29, 2019

You are high on your oyinbo prick! Bobrisky attacks Bisi Alimi after he initially called him out

Two ''LGBT community'' members are at war. Bob yesterday had supported Biodun Fatoyibo against Busola Dakolo asking Nigerians to chill saying it is only an allegation. Bisi, got wind of what Bob said, despite Bob already took it down and said Bob always stood for the wrong things. An angry Bob  has now fired hi m back saying he must be high on his oyibo prick. You already know Bisi is married to a white man. Who will now settle this quarrel?


  1. The get 'yourself together bro' part tho, who is helping sis bob write his posts

  2. At least Bisi Alimi is high on ONE oyinbo prick. How many prick is Bobrisky high on? See kettle calling pot black.

  3. Hahahaha bobrisky d official clap back master