Thursday, July 18, 2019

33-year old Kenyan woman marries herself (photos)

A Kenyan woman has shared the story a rather sad and unfortunate story of herself after surviving a ghastly accident which left her wheelchair-bound.

The 33-year-old woman identified as Georgina Wambui got married to herself in a simple ceremony in order to live a happy life.

According to Georgina Wambui, she was in a relationship before the accident but decided to end it because they had issues.

She explained that after the accident in 2014, she lost most of her friends and close relatives since she is now confined to a wheelchair.

She added that after revealing to her family about her decision to marry herself they found it absurd and decided to change her mind but it fell on deaf ears.

So on her 33rd birthday, she bought herself a ring, a beautiful gown, a cake with the inscription “Gee Weds Gee” with her bridesmaid and got married to herself in a colourful ceremony.

“After the accident, I lost my friends who were close to me. That changed me a lot, it gave me a lot of strength. It made me realise some people are there to stay and others are not. This is one reason why I choose very few people around myself.

I chose to marry myself according to the inner feeling in me, not because I don’t believe in love, I do believe in love, I believe in marriage but I chose I will go for what I want not what the society wants.

You may choose to wait but will you wait for the rest of your life. I really wanted to be married to a man but it has taken longer than what I expected, that is why I decided I will go ahead and marry myself. After my wedding, the next thing is getting a child, that is where I’m heading now,”  Georgina stated.