Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A wikipedia user has been paid to destroy my social media profiles, Paddy Adenuga cries out

Son of Billionaire Mike Adenuga, Paddy Adenuga has taking to twitter to reveal how a particular Nigerian or set of Nigerians are trying to damage all his social media profiles. He said findings revealed one wikipedia user was allegedly paid by some people who want that done. He revealed this on twitter saying it is a shame that the most hate he has ever received is from fellow Nigerians. Concluding it just shouldn’t be.


  1. That is a black man for you

  2. The saying that enemies live within is true

  3. It’s your dad/family behind it. These Yoruba billionaires are so wicked, wicked beyond words. So dark in their ways. They choose one child as the heir to their empire, most times not the first son, or first child, but the child that least argues/challenges, the child that is most submissive. That in and of itself isn’t the real problem!!! The problem is, once they hv chosen that ‘one child’, all the other children are sidelined. It happens gradually at first, but very soon, the other children begin to be disadvantaged by the billionaire dad, who feels very justified in his decisions. Sibling rivalry sets in and a house becomes divided against itself. All close family and friends see what’s happening and they hate it too, but the billionaire is too rich and powerful for them to take on. It’s a very very sad thing to watch from the outside!!! The kids think people don’t see what’s happening, but of course sewage always smells. Mike has chosen Bella. She’s a darling. But must he destroy the other children along the way. Why must it only be 1 golden child. Why can’t he love ALL equally. After all that’s his duty. Regardless of their past mistakes. Maybe it’s a cult thing, maybe it’s a requirement of the cult they are in. It’s just too rampant amongst the Yoruba billionaires!!!!

    1. It also happens in homes of ordinary people. I dont think it applies to billionaires alone

  4. That is a Nigerian mindset for you