Thursday, July 18, 2019

After staging talk of the town wedding last year, ex-Malaysian King and beauty queen wife divorce

A former Malaysian King and his beauty Queen wife have reportedly divorced just six months after he abdicated 'for marriage'.

Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan and Oksana Voevodina had a lavish wedding last year.

But their divorce was registered on July 1, with the date of the divorce listed as June 22 in Singapore, according to reports.

It was reportedly carried out by the utterance of the word 'talak' (divorce) three times, the procedure followed in Islam.

The reported divorce comes around two months after the birth of the couple's son.

Sultan Muhammad became Malaysia's first monarch to abdicate on January 6.

He had become King in December 2016 and was due to serve for five years.

Royalists believe his marriage was a factor in why he abdicated the throne, although he has not stated his reasons.