Tuesday, July 23, 2019

ASAP Rocky's mother 'sick with fear' as rapper remains in Swedish prison

ASAP Rocky's mother has revealed she "feels sick" with fear for her son as he remains in Swedish jail.

The Praise the Lord rapper was arrested on 3 July after he was allegedly involved in a street fight between two men and his security team, and has since prompted a nationwide campaign for his freedom that has even been backed by US President Donald Trump.

Now, his mother Renee Black has spoken out on his imprisonment, revealing her son is finding it hard behind bars.

"He was just telling me that he wasn't really eating properly, you know," she told Swedish newspaper Expressen . "He can't wait to get back into the gym."

When asked how she felt about the possibility he could stand trial, a visibly emotional Renee added that she couldn't even think about it.

When asked how she felt about Sweden's decision to continue detaining her son, she bit her tongue, and replied: "I don't wanna say it, I really don't.

"I don't wanna rock any boats, I don't wanna cause any trouble, but then again that's my son.

"I want him to be released and I plead that he can come home."

However, she let slip her true feelings during a later interview with TMZ.

She despaired: "We thinkin' if the president himself got involved and contacted who he did, if that aint helped then what will help? Because it's like Sweden is saying 'well, we don't care who call, we do what we do'.

"I feel like Sweden is making an example out of him and it's so unjust, but yeah, they're making an example.

"I don't wanna pull the race card, but that's what it's looking like....