Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Bat bites toddler as he SLEEPS IN HIS COT

A mother was left 'terrified' after her toddler was bitten by a bat as he lay sleeping in his cot.

Kian Mallinson, two, from Hull, was attacked by the creature at 2am and screamed so loud he woke his mother Jodie Smith.

The 29-year-old originally assumed Kian had a stomach ache. As Kian continued to scream and point at the door, she brought him to sleep with her.

She recalled: 'He was stood at the end of his cot, crying and screaming. He's not talking yet so he couldn't tell me what was wrong.'

It was only the next morning that Miss Smith noticed three small marks on Kian's arm.

Miss Smith then was confronted with the creature after dislodging the bat from Kian's cot while making the bed.

She added: 'As I made his bed I flicked the duvet up.

'The bat flicked out and started crawling across his bedroom floor. I was terrified. I thought it was a tarantula at first. I've never screamed so loudly.'

It took Miss Smith's partner, Jack Mallinson, 30, poking it with a coathanger to realise that what was creeping across their child's floor was a bat.

Miss Smith said: 'We picked it up, put it in a tub and put it outside.'

Experts confirmed the toddler was bitten by the UK's most common breed, a pipistrelle bat, which has a 9 inch wing span.

The morning after the attacked, Kian was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary for a precautionary rabies jab at the advice of his GP.


  1. How did it get in. Village people

  2. ..... 'We picked it up, put it in a tub and put it outside.' mmh!!! crush the head of the bat and set it ablaze, whether its related to anything or not. So it didn't see where else to crawl into or hide.