Monday, July 8, 2019

Bisi Alimi crossdresses as he hosts night Pride Party in London (photos)

The Gay rights activist over the weekend hosted a night Pride Party in London. He was one of those who performed at the event and was dressed as a woman. Bisi has now shared photos from the event saying…

''I want to sincerely express my profound gratitude to @theconduitlondon first and foremost for giving me the opportunity to curate and host last night Pride Party. I always want to thank @obehinoir for being a true friend and a face beater. Without you, I won’t have been able to pull this off, thank you. To all the arts from last night; @lanreworld @tomheath1 tatch@zellylisanework @peter.tatch and to my amazing husband @ajd_3030 and all my friends that showed up last night. Thank you. I will be posting videos soon. #dragqueen #theconduitlondon #pride #instagay #bisialimi #instadrag #beauty''