Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Bride 'sells house to pay for perfect engagement ring' - but people mock design

A bride-to-be claims she and her fiancé sold their house so they could afford her "perfect" engagement ring - which has been mocked online.

The woman proudly posted a snap of the bling ring as it glistened on her finger.

She did not state how much the "custom design" cost, but boasted of it featuring a huge "purple diamond" in the shape of a flower and told people to "look it up".

Sharing the photo on Facebook group That's it I'm ring shaming, she wrote: "Love my ring but shame away.

"To get ahead of the comments, YES it is REAL and custom designed.

"We sold our house to get the perfect ring. It's a purple diamond, look it up!"

She added: "No nail shaming! I work in retail which really has nothing to do with my nails, I'm just lazy and paint them every three months."

But social media users were stunned she had apparently gone as far as to sell her home to pay for it.

And she later revealed it was all a joke.

One wrote: "WHY would you sell your house for a ring?

"Let alone a ring that looks like part of a fairy dress up costume."

While another said: "You want a ring that looks like it came from a cereal box?

"What concerns me is your custom ring that is supposedly worth a house, fits you so poorly that your finger is changing colours."

Other users also commented on the colour of the bride-to-be's finger.

"Almost like it were a toddler's ring you forced on your hand for a troll pic?" Wrote one.

Another said: "This is a joke, right?!"