Monday, July 15, 2019

Couple with 27-year age gap are often mistaken for father and daughter

A couple who are often mistaken for father and daughter say they have proved their love is real by moving in together after just two months.

Tori Barron, 21, met 48-year-old  truck driver Eddie Smith at a karaoke bar in November 2017 and say they were instantly attracted to each other.

After a few months of dating and falling for each other, Eddie declared his love for Tori, who works as a nanny.

They became official in January 2018 and just two months later they decided to move in together in Maryland, USA, and have been together ever since.

While at the beginning of their relationship, negative comments from strangers bothered them, they have learned to ignore them.

People still appear shocked when they see them together and find out they are in a relationship, as they mistake them for father and daughter, with Eddie's twin daughters being 27 years old.

"We both enjoy hanging out with our friends and going out and singing, that is actually how we met. We were both out at a local karaoke bar, singing and hanging out with mutual friends," Tori said.