Sunday, July 21, 2019

Debt-ridden single dad of three who waited for help but got none takes his own life

A debt-ridden single dad of three who had waited weeks for Universal Credit took his own life — with just £4.61 left in his bank account.

Phillip Herron, 34, was trying to feed and clothe his family while out of work, falling behind with rent and trying to repay £20,000 debts including payday loans of over 1,000 per cent interest.

He applied for government help but the month-long wait for Universal Credit drove him deeper into debt.

“That was the final nail in his coffin,” said his grieving mum Sheena Derbyshire, 54.

Phillip’s final act as he sat in his car on a quiet country lane on March 18 was to upload a picture of himself crying to social media.

Minutes later he was dead.