Thursday, July 18, 2019

Donald Trump pats woman's bum and laughs with paedophile billionaire in 1992 clip

Footage of Donald Trump partying with his paedophile ex pal Jeffrey Epstein has emerged showing the two men discussing women before the the now-president pats one on the bum.

Prince Andrew’s former friend is seen chatting to the US billionaire at a November 1992 party as the men leer at cheerleaders who were not minors - from the Buffalo Bills American football team.

At one point Trump is seen pointing at one of the women saying “She’s hot” before whispering in Epstein’s ear making him bend over double laughing uncontrollably.

There is no suggestion the cheerleaders were involved with Epstein or Trump.

The tape was filmed more than a decade before Epstein, 66, pleaded guilty to felony prostitution charges in Florida.

At one point in the video, wild-haired Trump is seen grabbing a woman towards him and patting her behind.