Saturday, July 20, 2019

Famous p3rn star, Presley quits to become a pastor

Brittni De La Mora was "one of the world's hottest p3rn stars" — but she gave it up after finding a new calling.

Ms De La Mora, who spent almost 10 years in the industry and made hundreds of movies using the stage name Jenna Presley, quit in 2012 after battling drug addiction and suicidal thoughts, reports

She joined the XXXchurch, which is devoted to helping people beat p3rn addiction, and also fell for her pastor, Richard De La Mora.

They married in 2016 and preached together at the Cornerstone Church in San Diego in the US.

"I used to be named one of the world's hottest p3rn stars," she told Barcroft Media last year.

"I tried to quit the p3rn industry without the help of God, and the reality is I couldn't do it because God and p3rn don't mix."

But now, Ms De La Mora has scored a huge promotion, revealing on her website she and her husband "will be the new faces of".

The couple are taking over from founder Craig Gross.

"We are humbled and honoured that God has called us to this ministry, and we are so grateful that both God and Craig have entrusted us with this position," she wrote.

"We believe that God is going to do a new thing in this ministry. There have been so many lives that have been greatly impacted by the work of the, mine included, but God is not done yet."