Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Father of Britain's biggest family calls out Prince Harry and Meghan over baby plans

Good Morning Britain welcomed Britain's biggest family on Tuesday, and they were quizzed on the Duke and Duchess' decision to only have two kids.

Prince Harry recently revealed he is set on only having one more child with Meghan Markle alongside Prince Archie in order to do their bit for the planet.

However, Noel and Sue Radford, who have 21 children together, suggested that there was more the royals could do if they were intent on limiting the size of their family.

When discussing the issue with Ben Shepherd, Noel responded: "I think that's fair enough if he only wants to have two, not everyone wants a big family like us do they?

"But I think if he's using the excuse that he wants to save the planet, he's got his big private jets and his big luxury home, his heating and lighting."

The family were also quizzed on how they got by as such a big unit, with the parents admitting that they loved having a big family, but sometimes holidays got a bit hectic.