Fuming bride accuses sister-in-law of trying to upstage her in wedding outfit (see photo)


A woman who wore a white gown to her brother’s wedding has been accused of trying to upstage the bride – who has also accused her of doing it on ‘purpose to be mean.’

The unnamed sister-in-law raised eyebrows with the ‘over the top frock’ with some suggesting she ‘breached wedding etiquette’ as it was a similar colour to the bride’s dress.

A stunned guest at the ceremony shared a photo online of the group and said the outfit drama was “still a touchy subject” despite the wedding taking place almost three years ago in the Alps.

The picture shows the newlyweds stood near the groom’s sister in her posh frock, which she paired with long black gloves.

A fuming friend of the bride shared the snap on a “wedding shaming” Facebook page and wrote: “Not my wedding but a friend of mine had a really extravagant winter wedding in the Alps.

“Her SIL [sister-in-law] (far left) showed up in a white dress.

“The dress code was black tie and there were no bridesmaids or groomsmen.

“Still a touchy subject so roast away!”

Many criticised the bride’s sister-in-law for choosing to wear a ‘suspiciously white’ gown.

One said: “Imagine trying to steal the limelight with a white dress and over the top gloves… and failing miserably because the bride is a literal goddess and her gown is heavenly.”

Another added: “The SIL looks awful in that outfit but next to that bride she looks ten times worse, I doubt anyone could upstage her, she looks stunning.”

While a third commented: “I’m going to agree with a lot of the others here, that the bride looks so amazing that it makes the SIL look that much more ridiculous.”

Others, however, defended the woman and suggested the dress was more of a cream colour.

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