I was gang raped by police age 10, now I want the world to hear horrors I endured- Orphan


Nyaruach was just 10-years-old when she was first raped by a police commander.

Powerless against the armed man who carried out the horrific attack, she knew she would be killed if she resisted.

The young orphan, who was just four when her mother was killed, was one of thousands of women and girls who endured sexual violence during Sudan’s brutal civil war.

Now living in a refugee camp in Kenya, singer Nyaruach wants the world to learn from the horrors she endured.

She has channeled her devastating experiences into music – and this summer is set to perform at some of Britain’s best-known festivals and venues.

Nyaruach, 35, bravely recalls how she saw family members killed and homes burned in Sudan, where war broke in 1983 – the year she was born.

She lost count of the number of times she was raped and in one of her darkest moments attempted to take her own life by drinking poison.

Now she wants to be a voice for women and children who suffer in conflict and believes music can be a powerful tool to get her message across.

Nyaruach told Mirror Online: “I was first raped during the war. I went to him for help, but he took advantage.

“When they have the power, you can’t stop them from doing what they want to do, they will take advantage of you.

“You can just accept what they do, and this is what happens in South Sudan.

“If you don’t let them do it, you will die. Women have no rights.”

Tragically similar atrocities continue to this day.

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