Thursday, July 18, 2019

Incredible tarantula tattoo looks like a real spider

One ink enthusiast's terrifyingly realistic tarantula tattoo may not be actually be able to scuttle across his back, but that doesn't make it any less skin-crawling.

But despite making arachnophobes scream in horror, pensioner Dave Tomlinson, 62, is thrilled with his eight-legged marking.

A the retired IT worker from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, who already has 16 tattoos on his arms, legs and chest, is planning on covering his back with more frightening images.

He said: 'I got my first tattoo aged 60 and have been bitten by the bug, if you'll excuse the pun!

'I wanted a tarantula because it fits in with a more Gothic theme which I'm planning for my back and chest.

I am absolutely more than satisfied with the result, I never expected a 3D tattoo, Soloviov is a very talented guy and he got the shading and proportions just right in the shadowing to make it look totally realistic.

'In fact it was so realistic that it's made a few arachnophobes scream in terror, it happened when I went to the piercing shop and the lady was just about to pierce my ear when she screamed at seeing the spider's leg above my neck line!'