Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Iyabo Ojo calls lady unprintable names as she posts her photo then puts her on full blast!

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has put a lady on blast saying she has been spreading fake news about her, her kids and her estranged husband. Iyabo even went as far as saying she has been feeding bloggers with her news which are obviously not true…
She posted the lady’s photo (left above) and puts her on full blast this way… Enjoy!

''I'm coming for you in abit....... se oni o mad ni ....... make I finish my meeting, I'm coming for you, I dont do fake acct will give you 2 mins fame in a bit ....... .... 10 years you have carried fake stories about me, social media came bcos you're so jobless & evil you have been hiding under over 10 different fake accts feeding bloggers & people in the UK with fake info about me, my kids, the father of my kids, Tosin & Aramide ile ayie yi na le oooooo..... God don catch you, ayie e ma blow ni Biola Badejoko ..... oloribuku alaye baje''


  1. Yoruba women and dirty fighting

    1. Why using a tribe to proof a point? The last time I checked Iyabo wasn't a yoruba lady or is she now a yoruba lady? Just comment without associating it to a tribe. ✌

  2. Enter your comment...Tribalism is in the blood of many

  3. Finish them mama. They always take silence for mumurity, yeye people

  4. They shall surely fall....Awon Eleribu

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  6. Is she the one updating Kemi Olulonyo?