Sunday, July 28, 2019

Kenyan pastor claims to have found Jesus, takes him to his church to meet his congregation (photo)

Oh dear, a Kenyan pastor has claimed he has found Jesus according to a twitter user who shared the story. The twitter user claims he took the white man to his church, introduced him to his congregation and his church members are happy Jesus is back and he landed first in Kenya. The twitter user’s exact words:

''A Kenyan pastor claims he has found Jesus Christ walking on the streets of Kenya. Took the whiteman to his church, gave him a warm welcome and now his church followers are happy that Jesus has finally come back! And lucky for them he landed in Kenya first.''

Anyway, since we didn't hear this claim from the pastor himself, we will assume it's a drama. Even if the pastor says Jesus is back, so his congregation does not know what the bible says about Jesus' second coming? Lol...


  1. The man don bobo dem. He looks like the jesus in photographs

  2. My people perish because of lack of knowledge

  3. False prophet,Morena Jesus ke Modimo .Ke Modimo wena?Mathew 24v1-end