Saturday, July 20, 2019

Man who endured a botched circumcision as a baby reveals it almost made him commit suicide

A Jewish man who suffered a painful botched circumcision as a baby has admitted the lifelong trauma it's caused him has led to him contemplating suicide.

The man who lives in the UK, but isn't named, told his story to journalist Adnan Sarwar, who was also circumcised as an infant, in a shocking new BBC documentary - A Cut Too Far? Male Circumcision.

Adnan admitted that he didn't have any problem with it, but said the exchange with the man completely changed his view on the matter.

Thousands of young boys are circumcised when they are just a few days old every year in the UK but it doesn't always go smoothly. The documentary, which aired thursday night, looked into the fates of those who feel bereft as a result of the operation.

The anonymous man said: 'No one should do anything to someone else's body without their consent, full stop. Religious or not religious.'

Viewers mainly agreed circumcision equated to genital mutilation, and felt the practice was 'barbaric'.

Taking to Twitter many disagreed with the practice: 'That's the normal way ethical medicine works. First do no harm. (unless it's a baby boy),' one commented. 

'Don't agree with it at all unless for medical reasons. What the hell gives you the right to make such a decision about your child's body without them consenting,' one viewer wrote.

Barbaric. Unnecessary. (Use soap). Denying the right of choice to the future man. Should not be done under the age of 18, unless there's a medical emergency. Genital integrity should be universal and paramount,' wrote another.

'The medical professional confirmed that male sexual sensation would be reduced. That's a sad lifetime outcome from a childhood assault,' observed one. 

The man said he has 'contemplated suicide', adding: 'It's a great personal issue, and it's the most intimate part of someone's body, which makes it even worse that someone else would interfere with that.

'No one should do anything to someone else's body without their consent, full stop. Religious or not religious.'