Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Meet Boris Johnson's family... his children, including love child from secret affair (photos)

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson has five children - four with his wife and love child from one of his many affairs.

The Tory has had a complicated love life over the years, and he's about to be divorced for the second time after his relationship with PR guru Carrie Symonds.

Not a lot is know about his youngest child, and it's believed that she doesn't have anything to do with her dad or half-siblings.

But the rest of the Johnson kids are very successful, attending top private schools and Cambridge with some very impressive jobs between them.

Lara Lettice

Boris and Marina's oldest child was conceived ahead of their wedding in 1993.
Lara, 26, uses the double-barrelled surname Johnson-Wheeler, with the second being her mum's surname.
She went to the £33,000-a-year Bedales school before earning a place at St Andrews University where she studied Latin.
She now works as a journalist, writer, editor and broadcasted and lives in London.

Milo Arthur

Milo, 24, is Boris and Marina's oldest son and is a keen sportsman.
He went to Westminster School, which costs about £27,000-a-year.

Cassia Peaches

The 22-year-old studied at Highgate School, which costs about £18,000-a-year.
Like her dad and older sister, Cassia is a writer.

Theodore Apollo

Theo is Boris and Marina's youngest child, and he is now 20.
He went to Cambridge University - the rival of his dad's Oxford.
Not much is known about Theo, but he is understood to have attended a private school in London.

Stephanie Macintyre

Stephanie is Boris' youngest child, born through his affair with property developer Helen Macintyre.

She was born in 2009.

Helen tried to keep their child secret and even launched legal action against a newspaper to prevent them publishing a report.

However, judges ruled the public had a right to know about Boris's daughter.

It is understood that Stephanie has very little to do with her dad or her half siblings.