Wednesday, July 17, 2019

More details of R.Kelly's court hearing yesterday

We already reported how a judge ruled yesterday that R.Kelly will not be released from prison ahead of his federal court trials.

More details from the court hearing reveals that the federal prosecutors told the court they are in possession of three tapes which show the singer r*ping a girl, 14, and then subjecting her to 'sadomasochistic abuse.'

Kelly is seen in close-up and two of the tapes were filmed in rooms that are distinctly similar to ones in the singer's former home.

Prosecutors also said that the victim's age is said fifteen times on one of the r*pe tapes.

The singer's lawyer Steve Greenberg responded by presenting his client as a broke family man with an aversion to flying, and even confirmed that the singer is in fact 'illiterate' in his failed bid to convince the court that Kelly was not a flight risk.

'Unlike his most famous song - I Believe I Can Fly - Mr. Kelly doesn't like to fly,' declared Greenberg at one point in the proceedings,

That dated, and arguably false, statement failed to convince Judge Leinenweber however, who denied the singer's request for bond and then arraigned him on the indictment filed in Illinois last week.

Kelly entered a plea of not guilty. He faces 195 years in prison if convicted on the Illinois charges.